Where did we even come from?

Hey girl, Hey! If your reading this your awesome & Thank you! My name is Amanda! (So nice to meet you!) I'm the "Owner" aka "mom boss", "boss babe"  & any other adjectives I need to keep myself on track!

I'm a "City girl" born and raised in St. Louis Missouri & I was a hairstylist in my life before tiny humans. I recently moved to a rural (Like, really, really) Agricultural based community with my husband as he follows his dream of being a farmer.

 We live 15 miles from the closest store.. yes..15 miles for GROCERIES. Guess how many miles a Mall or Target is..Seriouly.. Guess! Do you give up? Well its.. TWO HOURS! Not even joking. 120 Mins ONE WAY for shopping. 4 hours round trip..with kids..Stress sweating and all (With my sweet princesses Aubree Lee & Reese Callahan) Sooo I shopped online..alot.. until I realized there are other like me! So here I am, Striving to bring you all the best of the best & making your life & shopping experience as EASY as possible!

You'll see either myself or my right hand gal pal (Jenna) doing most of the "Modeling" for you all!